Have you ever set a goal for yourself?

How do you go about achieving your goals?

In 2008, after selling my "whole life" on eBay, I set off on a global journey, armed with a "bucket list" of 100 goals, and a self-imposed timeframe of 100 weeks. I had no idea where the journey would lead, or what the outcome might be.

This video shows just some of the amazing highlights:

Some of the goals were adrenaline-fuelled thrill-seeking adventures:

41 airlines

81 airports

121 flight

6 continents

31 countries

94 goals achieved

Some of the goals were a little more relaxed:

A list of all goals achieved, with links to all blog posts about each goal:

Goals 1 to 10

Goals 11 to 20

Goals 21 to 30

Goals 31 to 40

Goals 41 to 50

Goals 51 to 60

Goals 61 to 70

Goals 71 to 80

Goals 81 to 90

Goals 91 to 94, plus goals still to be achieved