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Have you ever set a goal for yourself?

How do you go about achieving your goals?

In 2008, after selling my "whole life" on eBay, I set off on a global journey, armed with a "bucket list" of 100 goals, and a self-imposed time-frame of 100 weeks. I had no idea where the journey would lead, or what the outcome might be.

This video shows just some of the amazing highlights:

Some of the goals were adrenaline-fuelled thrill-seeking adventures

100 goals: by the numbers

goals achieved

Some of the goals were a little more relaxed

100 goals in 100 weeks - all blog posts

As the "by the numbers" section above shows, I achieved 94 of the 100 goals I set for myself. Over the course of the two years I wrote over 460 blog posts about my travels and adventures, my goals challenges and successes.

You can see all the blog posts here, but for a more organised presentation of every goal achieved, ordered by date, with links to the blogs specifically related to that goal, you can take a look at this page (opens in a new tab)

Movie Star!!


Amazon mysteries…?

Amazon availability…

Amazon issues.

Book proof frustrations!

Book finished!

WHO? magazine article.

Alaska road trip.

Birthday blog.

Northern exposure.

And finally….

Seven Falls.

Getting fitter!

Batter up!



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"How do I achieve my own goals?"

So, if you've got this far I'm guessing you're pretty convinced about the power of setting goals, and how achieving those goals can dramatically change the course of your life.

I think we all desire one thing in life... to be happy. I truly believe that setting and working towards meaningful goals is the true way to fill your life with happiness.

After my two-year adventure, in which I achieved 94 of the big goals I set for myself, many people asked me how I had been so successful. I got so many emails asking for help and support.

Eventually I took what I had learned through trial and error, and came up with my own unique 7-step process for taking on ANY goal

So I made a video course which shows how you can follow my steps and achieve your own success.

I've had over 2,000 students take this course, with some amazing feedback. Click here, or click the course image to find out more about how you can start building the life of your dreams.

What next?

In July 2010 I settled in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada with Moe, who I had met along the way. We lived way out in the forest, far off the grid, and in summer it was wonderful. My book "A Life Sold" was published in November 2010, as the temperatures dropped. Moe loved the winter, and spent her time dog-sledding. I wasn't so keen on the bitterly cold weather.

When Walt Disney Pictures bought the movie rights to the story I headed off to warmer climates, spending a couple of months in New Zealand, before meeting up with Moe again in Panama to do a little property research. 

Find out on the next page how I ended up "investing" my payout from Disney in a small overgrown island off the Caribbean coast of Panama:

How to live on your own private Caribbean island