Writer: Blogs and books

WRITER: Blogs and books

Ian’s latest writing has featured on Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin.com website. Ian has had articles published on both the “Entrepreneur” blog and the “Travel’ blog.

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28th Aug 2017 ENTREPRENEUR: How our adventure led us to start a business.
5th Jan 2017 ENTREPRENEUR: The golden rule of success: just one more time.
5th Jan 2016 ENTREPRENEUR: The golden rule of failure: just one more time.
6th July 2015 ENTREPRENEUR: Hubs: Manufacturing in Shenzhen.
2nd April 2015 DISRUPTORS: Employee wellbeing: The rule of “Surf’s up”.
31st July 2014 TRAVEL BLOG: Tackling the traffic: Austin, Texas.
19th May 2014 TRAVEL BLOG: How I became a couchsurfer.
9th May 2014 ENTREPRENEUR: Seven simple steps to achieving all of your goals.
11th Apr 2014 ENTREPRENEUR: Five ways for entrepreneurs to encourage creative thinking.
2nd Apr 2014 ENTREPRENEUR: Working off-grid: is there such a thing as too remote?
5th Mar 2014 ENTREPRENEUR: How to stave off boredom and stay excited in business.
24th Feb 2014 ENTREPRENEUR: Why entrepreneurs need to walk the road less travelled: three extraordinary marketing ideas.