Writer: Blogs and books

WRITER: Blogs and books

Ian’s latest writing has featured on Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin.com website. Ian has had articles published on both the “Entrepreneur” blog and the “Travel’ blog.

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28th Aug 2017ENTREPRENEUR:How our adventure led us to start a business.
5th Jan 2017ENTREPRENEUR:The golden rule of success: just one more time.
5th Jan 2016ENTREPRENEUR:The golden rule of failure: just one more time.
6th July 2015ENTREPRENEUR:Hubs: Manufacturing in Shenzhen.
2nd April 2015DISRUPTORS:Employee wellbeing: The rule of “Surf’s up”.
31st July 2014TRAVEL BLOG:Tackling the traffic: Austin, Texas.
19th May 2014TRAVEL BLOG:How I became a couchsurfer.
9th May 2014ENTREPRENEUR:Seven simple steps to achieving all of your goals.
11th Apr 2014ENTREPRENEUR:Five ways for entrepreneurs to encourage creative thinking.
2nd Apr 2014ENTREPRENEUR:Working off-grid: is there such a thing as too remote?
5th Mar 2014ENTREPRENEUR:How to stave off boredom and stay excited in business.
24th Feb 2014ENTREPRENEUR:Why entrepreneurs need to walk the road less travelled: three extraordinary marketing ideas.


"7 Simple Steps to Goal Achieving Success"


Including 100 tips to help you achieve your goals and live the life you've always imagined

We were tempted to call this book "7 Simple Steps to Goal Setting Success". It has such a lovely ring to it. But this is not a book about setting goals. This is a book about achieving goals so that you can create the lifestyle you have often dreamed of. Achieving a goal is very different to setting a goal.

We all have different goals - some are simple, some are more challenging - but the process involved in beginning, working toward and ultimately completing most goals is the same.

This book has been written to help, inspire and focus you so that you can achieve your goals, whatever they may be. You will then be well on your way to enjoying the life you have often imagined.

"Paradise Delayed"

updated version 2014

What does someone do after putting their whole life up for sale on eBay, then travelling the world for two years with a list of 100 lifetime goals and a challenging time-frame of 100 weeks, and finally selling the rights for the whole amazing story to Walt Disney Pictures?

Why, they go and buy their own private Caribbean island, of course!

The author's continuing quest for amazing adventures and incredible experiences take him to the beautiful tropical archipelago of Bocas del Toro, on the Caribbean coast of Panama. There he somehow ends up purchasing his own private Caribbean island - it sounds like a dream come true, doesn't it?

Maybe not! The trials and tribulations of a gringo trying to make a home on an overgrown island make for a fascinating portrayal of life in this challenging area of the world.

Sinking boats, defective chainsaws, document forgery and aggressive roosters are just a small sample of the hurdles facing a tired traveller who really just wants to lie in a hammock sipping margaritas for a while!

"Paradise Delayed" may make you re-consider the nature of the Caribbean island dream, or may just inspire you to find your own adventure of a lifetime.

"A Life Sold"


What on earth would make someone decide to put their whole life up for sale… on eBay?
When Ian Usher decided that it was time to leave the past behind and move on to the next chapter of his life, that is exactly what he did. The results were surprising, entertaining and challenging.

However, the auction was only the beginning of the adventure. What does someone do when they have sold their life? Well, just about anything they like really!

Armed with a list of 100 lifetime goals, and a self-imposed time-frame of 100 weeks, Ian embarked on what could truly be described as the journey of a lifetime – a global adventure spanning six continents, two years, and almost every emotion.

From the amazing highs of achievement, happiness and love, to the terrible lows of disappointment, loneliness and despair, come along and enjoy the roller-coaster ride of life, as experienced by one traveller who is simply looking for a new start.