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My name is Ian Usher, and I reckon I've lived a pretty good life so far. Like all lives, it hasn't been without its ups and downs, its trials and tribulations. In fact, it was out of one of the toughest periods of my life that my amazing and rewarding freedom lifestyle began to grow. Click a button below to discover more...

How can I create a lifestyle of freedom and happiness? 

2014 to Present Day

Have you ever reached a point in your life where you have thought to yourself: "Is this it? I thought it would be better than this. This isn't the life I dreamed of ."

How could I buy and live on my own private Caribbean island?

2011 - 2014

At the end of my two years of goal achieving I settled on a tiny island off the Caribbean coast of Panama. I built an off-grid home, and even featured in a TV show.

How do I set and achieve a 'bucket list' of all my lifetime goals?

2008 - 2010

After the "life for sale" eBay auction ended, I set off to travel the world, tackling a "bucket list" of 100 lifetime goals in a challenging time-frame of 100 weeks.

What would happen if I decided to list my 'whole life' for sale?


My online life began dramatically in 2008, when after a painful divorce, I announced to the world I was going to auction my entire life online... on eBay.

What do I mean by "freedom lifestyle"?

I've never really been content to settle for a "normal" life. I've always been looking for an undefined "something". It's only in recent years that I've really discovered what that elusive something has always been.

And it's very simple... freedom.

So for around the last 12 years or so I have been steadily working towards a dream lifestyle. A lifestyle where I have freedom to:

  • choose where I live
  • how I spend my time
  • what hours I work
  • even whether I work or not

I've never been very good at having a boss. I've always been happier as the master of my own destiny, both on a day-to-day basis, and when making longer term plans.

My journey began with a highly publicised sale of my 'entire life' on eBay

This led on to a two year adventure in which I tackled 100 of my 'bucket list' goals

Walt Disney Pictures bought the movie rights to the book I wrote about my travels, and this allowed me to buy a small Caribbean island off the coast of Panama.

These 3 very different phases of my life were all different versions of a sort of freedom, all steps along the way.

But it was when I met Vanessa in 2013 that everything really fell into place. We both sold our respective properties to begin building a life of true freedom together...

Vanessa and I left the island in Panama in May 2014, and since then haven't had a permanent home base. We've spent time in the States in a big motor-home, touring the National Parks of south-western USA for six months. We've worked in China as English teachers. And we've travelled the world as house and pet sitters, looking after animals and homes in 12 different countries so far. We've also visited 11 other countries too, where we fit in our "between house sits" adventures.

Since May 2014 we've visited a total of 23 countries so far in our time together.

We're not rich, we're not retired, we've just found a way to create a lifestyle of freedom that works for us.

There are three core parts to our freedom lifestyle that make it sustainable for the long term...




Find out more about how these three aspects of a freedom lifestyle work together, and discover how you can start creating your own dream lifestyle. 

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