How to create a "Freedom Lifestyle"

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Learn to sail

After returning to Whitehorse for the summer of 2011 I headed south to begin my new life in Panama. Moe and the kids planned to follow a couple of months later, when (hopefully !) there would be somewhere to stay on the island. Their plan was to spend the winter months in Panama, returning to Whitehorse in early 2012.

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What next?

In May 2014 Vanessa and I flew to Texas, where, using funds from the island sale, we bought an RV. This was just the beginning of our lifestyle of global freedom. In 2015 we had to figure out how to create an income, while still being free to travel.

The journey so far has included teaching English for a year in China, house sitting in twelve different countries, spending a month in Cuba and sailing a yacht in the Caribbean. 

We continue to work at creating the lifestyle we truly want to live, and the next section, Freedom Lifestyle, is the true focus of this website.

We've enjoyed so many adventures and experiences together in the last 7 years, but the one factor that makes all of this possible is house sitting. Find out more, and discover how house sitting could help you create your own freedom lifestyle on the next page:

How to build a "Freedom Lifestyle"