The narrative

Do you believe the COVID-19 narrative?

Us:  So what's happening?

Them:  There's a virus in China. People are dying.

Us:  Nothing for us to worry about though?

Them:  Well, it is spreading from country to country...

Us:  Like SARS, MERS, Zika, and lots of others did?

Them:  It's just been declared a pandemic.

Us:  Do we need to wear masks, like in China?

Them:  No, masks don't work... and can be dangerous to your health.

Us:  But we're being locked down now?

Them:  Just briefly, to "flatten the curve".

Us:  So I can't open my business?

Them:  No, much too dangerous.

Us:  Are there any treatments?

Them:  No, just go home and self-isolate.

Us:  What about hydroxychloroquine?

Them:  Woah! Far too dangerous, we need to wait for a vaccine.

Us:  How long will it take to produce a vaccine?

Them:  Best case scenario would be 12 to 18 months, but that's very optimistic.

Us:  Should I take Vitamin D, or maybe get some more exercise and slim down a bit?

Them:  You could, but we don't really know if it helps.

Us:  Now I have to wear a mask in the shops?

Them:  Yes, we need to stop the spread.

Us:  But you said masks didn't work.

Them:  New research.

Us:  How about ivermectin as a treatment, it looks promising.

Them:  ...

Us:  Hello...? Ivermectin?

Them:  We need to wait for a vaccine.

Us:  Will a vaccine be safe?

Them:  Of course it will, you can be sure the pharma companies will take all necessary precautions.

Us:  When can I re-open my business? I can't pay my bills.

Them:  Here's some free money, stay at home and watch Netflix for a while.

Us:  When will this all end?

Them:  Well, we're going into the second wave now, so back to lockdowns for a short while again.

Us:  I don't think I can take any more...

Them:  Oh, wait, we have developed a vaccine.

Us:  Wow, that was quick.

Them:  Yes, it's super new technology... never been used on people before now.

Us:  Does it work?

Them:  93% effective.

Us:  What does that mean?

Them:  Don't worry about that, just line up here and roll up your sleeve...

Are you ready to be part of The Great Vaccine Roundup of 2021?

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