The narrative

Do you believe the COVID-19 narrative?

Us:  So what's happening?

Them:  There's a virus in China. People are dying.

Us:  Nothing for us to worry about though?

Them:  Well, it is spreading from country to country...

Us:  Like SARS, MERS, Zika, and lots of others did?

Them:  It's just been declared a pandemic.

Us:  Do we need to wear masks, like in China?

Them:  No, masks don't work... and can be dangerous to your health.

Us:  But we're being locked down now?

Them:  Just briefly, to "flatten the curve".

Us:  So I can't open my business?

Them:  No, much too dangerous.

Us:  Are there any treatments?

Them:  No, just go home and self-isolate.

Us:  What about hydroxychloroquine?

Them:  Woah! Far too dangerous, we need to wait for a vaccine.

Us:  How long will it take to produce a vaccine?

Them:  Best case scenario would be 12 to 18 months, but that's very optimistic.

Us:  Should I take Vitamin D, or maybe get some more exercise and slim down a bit?

Them:  You could, but we don't really know if it helps.

Us:  Now I have to wear a mask in the shops?

Them:  Yes, we need to stop the spread.

Us:  But you said masks didn't work.

Them:  New research.

Us:  How about ivermectin as a treatment, it looks promising.

Them:  ...

Us:  Hello...? Ivermectin?

Them:  We need to wait for a vaccine.

Us:  Will a vaccine be safe?

Them:  Of course it will, you can be sure the pharma companies will take all necessary precautions.

Us:  When can I re-open my business? I can't pay my bills.

Them:  Here's some free money, stay at home and watch Netflix for a while.

Us:  When will this all end?

Them:  Well, we're going into the second wave now, so back to lockdowns for a short while again.

Us:  I don't think I can take any more...

Them:  Oh, wait, we have developed a vaccine.

Us:  Wow, that was quick.

Them:  Yes, it's super new technology... never been used on people before now.

Us:  Does it work?

Them:  93% effective.

Us:  What does that mean?

Them:  Don't worry about that, just line up here and roll up your sleeve...

Are you ready to be part of The Great Vaccine Roundup of 2021?

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Erica - May 24, 2021 Reply

I found you randomly. Your book was mentioned in a readers comment on Amazon. I couldn’t find it there (banned?) but it’s on B&N so I bought it.
You’ve summed what we are living through perfectly
Saw your other post mentioning Neil postman’s book—I did a review on my blog, if you care to read
Glad I found you
Feel like I’m living in a world where nobody can see the aliens but me
But I know we aren’t alone
People are questioning but afraid to admit it
We have to communicate with one another
Thank you!!!

    Ian Usher - May 24, 2021 Reply

    Hi Erica,
    Many thanks for your message. Yes, unfortunately my book was banned by Amazon (again!), so is now available digitally via other outlets, and in print from B&N, I think. I haven’t yet even seen a print copy of my own book!
    See more about it at:
    I’ve just started reading this book today, and think it is going to be very enlightening:
    “A State of Fear: How the UK government weaponised fear during the Covid-19 pandemic”
    by Laura Dodsworth
    Best wishes,

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