Monthly Archives: April 2013

Top article on Daily Mail Online.

Well, I’d say the press release earlier today went well, and the publicity is off to a flying start! I contacted Hannah Roberts at The Daily Mail. She did an article about my purchase of the island some time ago, and I wondered if she would be interested in doing a follow up. She was, […]

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Caribbean Life 4 Sale

I think I’m ready. The website goes live today, and I’m planning on a press release tomorrow. As always, I’m sure there is more I could have written for the website, perhaps more pix I could have added, but it’s been a busy few weeks. So here it is, a Caribbean island lifestyle for sale. […]

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New Book “Paradise Delayed” scores #1 at Amazon

Wow again. I’ve only just published my new book “Paradise Delayed – The pitfalls and pleasures (mainly the pitfalls) of Caribbean island life in the beautiful archipelago of Bocas del Toro, Panama” and it has already managed a Number 1 slot at Amazon – admittedly in the rather narrow category of “Caribbean Travel”, but it’s […]

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