Monthly Archives: December 2010

On the road again…

Well, my time in Canada is now at an end, as I only had a six month tourist visa, and that was due to expire in early January. My original plan had been to head south around mid-October, but the book-writing took a little longer than I had originally anticipated. I kept extending my stay, […]

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Tags, reviews, and “yes” votes…

I have been pretty busy over the last week or so with the first push for publicity for the book, and things have gone fairly well. I did a couple of interviews on local BBC radio stations in the UK, and several other interviews with online broadcasters too. I have created a new Press Coverage […]

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The Creative Penn.

I have been following Joanna Penn’s author blog for some time now. She has some wonderful tips and insights on book writing and publishing, and regularly features other writers and authors in here interview section. I made a couple of comments in reply to Joanna’s blogs, and mentioned one particular tip she had given which […]

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Amazon mysteries…?

Things have been going pretty well with the launch of the book on Amazon recently, and most previous Amazon issues seem to have been resolved. The book is now showing as fully available on the US and UK sites, and also as “In Stock” in France and Germany. However, somewhat mysteriously, it shows a taking […]

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Amazon availability…

Things are slowly getting back on track with the book sales at Amazon. The book shows as “In Stock” once again on, and has finally showed up as “In Stock” on too. Canada, France and Germany sites still show availability as “Usually ships within 3 to 5 weeks”, but I am hoping that […]

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