Monthly Archives: August 2013

TEDx Vienna

When my friends and neighbours Bill and Janis were away last year for a couple of months they had a few different people house sit for them. One person who stayed there for a week or so was Samantha. Sam and I hung out together quite a bit and she introduced me to TED. If […]

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Wikipedia page

When I listed my “entire life” on eBay in 2008 the interest from the media worldwide was phenomenal. Many interesting and unusual experiences came out of that wave of publicity. Ultimately, of course, Walt Disney Pictures ended up buying the movie rights for the story, and the money they paid me has funded the beautiful […]

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“Learn to listen, then listen to learn”

I’ve set myself a new goal, and you can help me achieve it if you like… “Learn to listen, then listen to learn.” Who said that? Well, actually, I did. When we were at the College Speaking seminar in California, presenter James Malinchak suggested one way to make yourself stand out as a professional speaker […]

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New-look website

Since our return from California we have been enthusiastic about all that we learned there about being a professional speaker, and have been implementing many of the ideas prompted by the seminar. The two main steps forward have been to completely rework the website, and to change my personal Facebook account into a Facebook […]

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Island update

We’ve settled back into life on the island after the excitement of a trip up to California. It was nice to enjoy some big city living for a while, but it was also very nice to return home. There has been a bit of an exciting change here. Vanessa, who came to visit from the […]

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A little bit of background info

With this being a brand new start, and a brand new blog, I thought I should fill in some of my background for those who might stumble across my written ramblings, and wonder what on Earth I’m talking about. I’ll make it brief, but add in plenty of links for those who care see more […]

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