Monthly Archives: September 2010


Aussie radio show interview.

Early last month I did an interview for Australian radio station triple M, based in Brisbane. I was contacted by the producer of “The Cage”, the weekday breakfast show, hosted by a panel of four – Marto, Sully, Skip & Emily-Jade. I much prefer this sort of interview than the single host who had a […]

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First snow.

It’s the first day of autumn in Canada today, and the first snow arrived too. It has been below freezing overnight a couple of times now, and one morning last week the water buckets outside had an icy surface. But today the ground had a thin covering of snow too. According to the Canadian calendar […]

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Needle Mountain.

I believe I maybe have around a month left before the snows arrive here, and I am making the most of the beautiful sunny weather while it lasts. For about a week now it has been sunny every day, and by mid-afternoon it is lovely and warm. So on Wednesday I reached my book editing […]

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More dog-sledding.

Our couchsurfing guests have dwindled a little over the past couple of weeks, but perhaps because we limited visitors to weekends only for a while. Moe works through the week, and when she is at work it is my opportunity to get some work done on the “A LIFE SOLD” book. But with couchsurfers here […]

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Skagway, Alaska.

On Saturday the weather was lovely and sunny, and we decided to take a drive down to Skagway in Alaska the next day. Unfortunately it was raining on Sunday morning, and as we set off from home it looked like the weather was set in for the day. Emerald Lake, pictured below, must look lovely […]

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