Monthly Archives: April 2011

I Wear Your Shirt.

My current travels come to an end in a week or so, and Moe and I return to Whitehorse with Finn and Maible. I have been away for just over four months, as I left Whitehorse just after Christmas. I spent January and February in New Zealand. In March I returned to England for a […]

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Last year, while staying with Moe and the kids in Whitehorse, we had a couchsurfer come and stay with us for a couple of days. His name was Gabriele, and he was working as a freelance photographer for an Italian newspaper. He took a few photos of several people in Whitehorse, and was keen to […]

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On-going travels.

Well, as I previously suggested, I don’t intend to do much more blogging about my travels. Since the 100 goals journey ended, and the book eventually came out in print, it has been a bit of a relief not to have to stick to my self-imposed regime of regular blog updates. I have been doing […]

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