Southwest in Widescreen

The American Southwest is a beautiful place. There are so many amazing National Parks, State Parks and scenic areas to visit. I passed through this stunning landscape a little too quickly a couple of times on my 2008 to 2010 goal achieving adventure. I vowed I would return to spend some more time there.

In 2014 I sold a one-third share of the island property I owned just off the coast of Panama. This gave my partner Vanessa and I the funds we needed to pursue our next adventure.

We travelled from Panama to Texas where we bought an RV, our home for the next six months.

We drove through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Colorado and eventually back into Texas, where at the end of the journey we sold our lovely home.

It’s hard to believe that a year has flown by since then. These pictures bring back some great memories.

The journey really was a “trip of a lifetime”. We stopped wherever we wanted whenever we found somewhere we really liked. We visited many State and National Parks, climbed beautiful mountains, swam in crystal clear rivers and cycled quite tracks.

We stayed at the stunning South Rim of the Grand Canyon for a couple of weeks, and later from the North Rim, we hiked down through the canyon, sleeping for three nights down by the spectacular Colorado River.

Here is a collection of the photos I took using the “panorama” setting on my little compact camera. Take a look at the magnificent “Southwest in Widescreen” (click any picture to enlarge as a slideshow):

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