Kindle version of the book now available.

I finally got to work last week on producing a Kindle version of “A LIFE SOLD”. I had the whole file for the book contents ready in MS Word .doc format, and had a little work to do to prepare that for the Kindle.

The font that I had used for some of the goal details sections isn’t recognised by the Kindle, so I had to make some font changes there. I also had some troubles with a table I had created as an appendix, listing all the goals achieved, and the dates on which they were completed. I did some online research, and discovered the best answer to this dilemma was simply to make an image, and embed that.

I saved the completed file as an html document, and using the software suggested by Amazon, created the appropriate file from that.

Finally, I wanted to make the Table Of Contents link to the appropriate sections in the book, which involved a bit of reasonably easy html coding. I re-saved the file in eBook format, and the job was done! Far easier than I thought it might be.

In the US the eBook is prices at $8.99, and in the UK it is £5.99. Both prices represent a 40% saving on the paperback book price. Unfortunately the UK price has VAT tacked onto it, making the total cost £6.89. I think the US price represents better value at the moment, but that always depends on exchange rates, of course.

Click here for the Kindle version on Click on the image below to see the Kindle version on

A LIFE SOLD _ Kindle Edition - $8.99
It is possible to download free Kindle Reader software for PC, and preview the first part of the book. You can also download the book preview section directly to your Kindle if you have one.

Hope you enjoy it, Kindle readers. I would really appreciate any feedback on how you think the book looks on the Kindle. Thanks very much.

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