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I have been following Joanna Penn’s author blog for some time now. She has some wonderful tips and insights on book writing and publishing, and regularly features other writers and authors in here interview section.

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I made a couple of comments in reply to Joanna’s blogs, and mentioned one particular tip she had given which I had found very helpful. She had suggested that as part of the editing process, it was very useful to read your manuscript out loud to yourself. You could get a feel for how any dialogue sounded, and how the narrative flowed.

I also found that I spotted many typing errors that I hadn’t previously seen. I think there is something different about the way the brain sees the text when reading aloud that means the little errors are more easily picked up.

I was surprised when Joanna contacted me, suggesting she would like do an interview. We made arrangements, and Joanna and I spoke via Skype last week. It was a fun interview to do, and we found we kept getting a little off-track, as we are both very enthusiastic about travel.

You can listen to the interview here if you like:
Achieving Goals With Ian Usher Who Sold His Life On EBay – The Creative Penn

Joanna’s thriller, “Pentecost”, is due out in February. She has a couple of free chapters available to download from her website – it sounds like it is going to be a great read.

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Thanks for a fun interview Joanna. Good luck with the book.

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