Movie news – Disney buys “A Life Sold” !!!

Well, it’s been quite some time since I last wrote a blog.

But I have just received a very exciting confirmation. My “life for sale” story has been bought by Walt Disney Pictures.

As you may (or may not) be aware, I have been under option for quite some time now. Interest was first expressed by several studios in the very early days after I announced that I planned to sell my whole life on eBay.

Those crazy days seem like they were a long time ago now, but I look back with fondness on a fantastic experience.

Eventually, after several months of talks with several studios, my Hollywood agent (I still can’t say that I have a Hollywood agent with a straight face!) finally suggested that the Disney deal had the best possibility of eventually coming to fruition.

Disney purchased an initial 18-month option in November 2008, which didn’t commit them to anything, but meant that I couldn’t sell the story anywhere else. In the contract, they were able to extend the option for a further 18 months, for a further payment. They did this in May 2010. The extra funds came in very handy towards the end of my 100 goals in 100 weeks adventure, as funds were beginning to run a little low.

The extra cash injection meant that I didn’t need to return to work immediately after completing my two-year journey, and I took time out to write “A Life Sold”, my book about the whole amazing adventure.

Since publishing the book, I have done some more travelling. spending time in New Zealand, England, the States, Costa Rica and Panama.

I stayed in Canada again for summer 2011, but as winter drew nearer, I felt the draw of a warmer climate, and headed back to Panama.

I’ve been here for a couple of months, and am thoroughly enjoying myself here. And it was here that I heard once again from Walt Disney as the November deadline approached, and their second and final option was about to expire.

They emailed and informed me that they intended to exercise the option, and asked where I would like the cheque to be sent. How exciting!

Well, the cheque arrived in timely fashion, and has now cleared into my bank, so it is official – my story has been purchased for development into a movie!!

I have no idea what happens next, and have asked Disney about their plans and potential timelines. I’m still waiting to hear back from the creative executive on the project, but apparently he is on holiday for a while. I’ll keep you updated as and when I hear anything.

In the meantime, if anyone wants a copy of the soon-to-be-a-movie “A Life Sold” as a Christmas present for that special someone, it is available at Amazon sites around the world, as well as many other online retailers.

I’ll keep you updated with movie progress as and when I receive details.

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Cindy deRosier - November 20, 2011 Reply

Congratulations! How exciting. Looking forward to seeing who plays you.

Yvette - November 21, 2011 Reply

How exciting! Congratulations, Ian!

festival - October 30, 2016 Reply

Congratulation Ian..wish you to write more stories..

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