I Wear Your Shirt.

My current travels come to an end in a week or so, and Moe and I return to Whitehorse with Finn and Maible. I have been away for just over four months, as I left Whitehorse just after Christmas.

I spent January and February in New Zealand. In March I returned to England for a month, and was very proud to be best man for my buddy Bruce at his and Lizzie’s wedding. I then returned to Los Angeles, where I met up with Moe at the airport, and we spent three wonderful weeks down in Panama.

We are now back in Canada, and are visiting with Moe’s family for a week or so, before we return to Whitehorse once again. I hope the snow has all gone by the time we get back – it has been a bit of a shock to fly from the tropical Caribbean in Panama to the snowy mountains of Canada.

It has been very difficult to do any sort of publicity for “A Life Sold” while travelling, but I have managed to appear in a few magazine articles, which has helped. See the previous blog for full details.

However, it is now time to get back to “work”, and really try to get behind the book and give it a bit of a push.

And so with wonderful timing, I have booked a day with publicity website “I Wear Your Shirt”. I came across Jason Sadler’s site via my internet-publicity buddy Evan. Jason has been wearing t-shirts for a living for a couple of years now, and does a great job with the publicity work he and his team do.

My day for publicity on their t-shirts is tomorrow, 23rd April. There are a few live video shows throughout the afternoon (2pm to 5pm USA Eastern Standard Time (EST)), and there is also going to be a prize draw giveaway. The prize for the day is an Amazon Kindle, loaded with a digital copy of “A Life Sold”. Entry is free, and entry details will given on the live video feeds.

The live-feed shows play on the uStream player online, and feature interactive chat too, so are a lot of fun. I plan to be online to chat as much as possible throughout the shows. The shows are on live from 2pm to 5pm EST. They are recorded too, and can be accessed afterwards on uStream.

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