“A LIFE SOLD” available on Amazon.com!!

Today is the day!! I really didn’t expect to find the book on Amazon for a few days yet, and did a half-hearted search this morning for the book’s ISBN (International Standard Book Number), which is 978-0-9808653-0-1. I was amazed – there it was!!

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There is very little detail on the Amazon page as yet, as it takes a few days to filter through from the printer, but I have managed to put something in my author profile, and add a book cover picture.

You can find the book by searching for “Ian Usher” too, but I am at position #4 on the results list. When you search for “A Life Sold” I don’t appear at all yet. This should all fall in to place over the next few days, I believe.

The direct page link is as follows:

I am very pleased to be eligible for Super Saver Shipping, which means that if you include the book as part of an order that totals over $25, shipping is completely FREE!

So if you wish to buy a copy, then it is probably worthwhile buying another book to put with it, and save the shipping costs. Here are some suggestions for books I have enjoyed recently:

Eat, Pray, Love
by Elizabeth Gilbert
(Marriage crisis leads to worldwide journey in a search for answers and meaning – sound familiar? I could use that overview as a description for my book too!)
Drink, Play, F@#k
by Andrew Gottlieb
(A brilliantly funny, laugh-out-loud parody of Elizabeth’s book.)
Yes Man
by Danny Wallace
(English book by a guy who decides to say “Yes” to everything! The Jim Carrey movie of the same name was based on this book – the book is FAR better!)
Honeymoon with My Brother
by Franz Wisner
(Another story similar to mine, in which the author is ditched by his wife-to-be just hours before his wedding. He ends up going on the already-booked honeymoon with his brother, and then decides to continue travelling for a further year.)
The Laptop Dancer Diaries
by Yvette Francino
(I managed to make it into Yvette’s book as Mr November, as she tells her side of our blind-date meeting as I passed through LA on my travels)

My suggestions are a little self-serving, I must admit, as Amazon often links books when they are bought together. I don’t think it would do me any harm at all if my book got linked to Elizabeth Gilbert’s bestseller!!

In fact, at the time of writing this blog, “Eat, Pray, Love” is currently discounted down to $7.01, and “Honeymoon With My Brother” is only $5.18. You could buy both of these along with “A Life Sold” for a bargain $27.18, and pay no shipping costs at all.

Anyway, just a suggestion, if you are looking for Christmas presents…..! 🙂

The book isn’t yet listed on Amazon UK or Amazon Canada yet, but again I hope this will follow shortly. I will post again when it shows up on these or any of the other Amazon sites.

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