97 days to go!! Sculpture on the beach.

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Each year in March, Cottesloe Beach hosts “Sculpture By The Sea”. Late yesterday afternoon, I headed to the coast with a couple of friends, and spent a couple of hours wandering around the amazing mixture of unusual and interesting sculptures on display, both on the beach and on the grass terraces above.

Turning the beach area into a sculpture park brings visitors from near and far, and last year over 100,000 people visited the show. I like the unexpected aspect of this event. A very unusual mix of people sun bathing or swimming in the ocean, young children ignoring the ‘no touching’ signs to play with this somehow odd looking playground equipment invading their beach and passers-by, fully dressed but often bare-foot, taking pictures and commenting on the thoughts of the artist. What a cool thing to do to – take your shoes off to go to a museum.

Cottesloe Beach is a beautiful place and many people turned up for the event or to enjoy the warm evening sun. Afterwards, like many others, we ate fish and chips, sat on the grass terrace, sipped a glass of wine, and watched the sun slowly sink into the Indian Ocean in a spectacular display of orange and pinks.

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Natural Area Rugs - February 19, 2011 Reply

Such wonderful creations, for sure it was one of the most eye catching view in the said beach. Its not that usual to have a so called sculpture in the beach to think that we used to see a lot of sand castles instead of unique sculpture.

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