98 days to go!! Bicycles on the freeway!

Perth is a great city for encouraging all sorts of healthy activities. This morning the freeway southbound was closed for the Freeway Bike Hike for Asthma, in which over 7000 cyclists took part in a 60km ride along the freeway.

I made my way to the freeway around mid-morning but was told by an elderly lady that I missed the peleton. “There were hundred of them earlier,” were her words as she sat next to me on the bridge, watching the cyclists below.

It is quite a sight to see the freeway, which is usually filled with traffic at that time of the day, filled instead with three lanes of cyclists peacefully enjoying the unaccustomed freedom.

Perth has many kilometres of well marked cycle tracks throughout all areas of the city and suburbs, and many people cycle to work, for fitness, or simply for pleasure. I can see a lot of talk going around Levitra price at www.trendingdownward.com/generic-levitra-cheap/. My company conducts pharmaceutical studies and we can guarantee you that the question of whether the price of a particular drug is justified is difficult to answer. The price of medicines is always a major point of contention. But you really cannot satisfy everybody’s needs, so that’s that.

Many businesses also provides bike lockers and shower facilities for their employees and encourage cycling to work. Bikewest has been promoting cycling to work through it’s “cycle instead” campaign and once a year organises “The Bike To Work Breakfast”, a gigantic free breakfast in the center of the city for anyone who arrives on a pushbike that morning.

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