96 days to go!! TV appearance in the morning!!

Well well well. Things have certainly been moving on at a pace since the website went live on Friday!

I had planned on going out tonight for a few pints of Kilkenny to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day (even though I haven’t got a drop of Irish blood in me, but who needs an excuse to drink Kilkenny anyway?) There is a nice Irish pub in Fremantle called Rosie O’Grady’s, with a great beer garden out the back, and without a doubt, a live Irish band on tonight.

But plans have had to change, as I have a very early start tomorrow.

My friend Simon, a freelance journalist in the UK, wrote a short article on me which made it into my old local paper in Darlington, The Northern Echo. Since then my phone hasn’t stopped ringing. I have been interviewed by The Independent, and The Sun, and have been told that articles have also appeared in The Telegraph and The Daily Mail.

Back here in Australia, Who? magazine rang for an interview, and I got a message from Channel 7 TV asking me to call them. The result of that call is that I am on breakfast show “Sunrise” tomorrow morning with Mel and Kochie, at around 8am.

Because of the time difference between Sydney and Perth that means I have to be at the studio at around 5.30am!! I’m not usually at my best in the mornings, and a night of Irish beer really would not help me at all, so I’ve gone for the sensible option, and am staying in tonight!

Very exciting, I thought there would be some media interest in what I was doing, but I didn’t expect this much interest this soon.

Channel 7 – “Sunrise” – 8am ish – Tuesday 18th March

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Anonymous - March 17, 2008 Reply

Hi Ian,

I’m from Barcelona (Spain) and we wake-up today with your history in the radio, press and internet.

Just i want to say congratulations for your idea a good luck in your new life.

Don’t forget that “love is in the air”.



Lazy - March 17, 2008 Reply


Congratulations! I’m sure you will be so happy in your brand new life! Be hard and brave, and you ‘ll win!

Internet could give you the right way, I’m trying to break with my life through my blog, I’m going to be a millionaire with it!

Scribbler - March 18, 2008 Reply

Just this second seen it on Sky News. Won’t be bidding,but good luck to you anyway.

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