95 days to go!! Wow!!

What can I say? The last 36 hours have been pretty crazy!! From one article in my old home town newspaper, The Northern Echo, in Darlington in the UK, the media coverage has gone ballistic.

I have been on Aussie breakfast TV with Mel and Kochie, a slightly nervous start, and from then have done a live video link-up with UK breakfast TV, and more radio interviews than I can count, both Australian and UK based.

My home phone has not stopped ringing, my mobile has more messages on it than I can count, and everytime I try to listen to them, I miss a couple of other calls. So apologies to anyone who has tried to get through, keep trying, and I will get back to everyone as soon as I can.

I have just been contacted by ABC network in America, they have 10 million viewers!!! And they maybe want to do an interview tomorrow. Wow!!

What a ride, this is so unexpected!

I could spend some time adding links here to articles, but the phone is ringing again. Just google ALife4Sale, or Ian Usher, and I’m sure you will find something.

I am absolutely astounded by the attention this is getting, and if you have sent messages via the contacts page, I apologies to you too for any lack of response, but thank you all for your comments, suggestions and words of support and encouragement. Amazing!!

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Anonymous - March 18, 2008 Reply

I’m from Hong Kong SAR (China).I unknowingly saw your history in the internet. Although I am just a teenager, I do believe that you will be blissful in your new life ! Never give up ! Just carry on according to your mind .

expat - March 19, 2008 Reply

An Incredible idea Ian, I only wish more people had the fortitude to do what you are doing. That way they could move on and enjoy life for what it is.

Good luck with the auction. I look forward to seeing how it works out.

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