4 days to go!! Clearing up some last minute matters…


As promised I said I’d let you know what prize David, the movie quiz winner, picked. He had the choice between a book, “1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die”, or a couple of wine glasses that I won a few years ago, also in a movie quiz. See Blog: 7 days to go!! for more details.

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David picked the book, for two reasons. Firstly, as he correctly pointed out, it had a much better chance of surviving the international shipment, and secondly he suggested that “the winner of your auction can use the glasses to toast their new life in the house too.” Nice idea. Hope you enjoy the book David.


My life has been scheduled for sale starting 12 Noon Western Australia Time on 22nd June, and the listing will go live at that time. You will be unable to see the auction listing itself until that time, but there will be links to it from all pages of my website. To find the listing yourself when it goes live, go to eBay.com.au, and look in the following category:-
eBay.com.au > Home > Real Estate > For Sale > WA

The item number will be 250255442325.


In the meantime, until the auction begins, you can see pretty much how the listing will look at my eBay “About Me” page.


My eBay username is ALife4Sale. I have been asked a couple of times how I could have this as a username, when my eBay account was opened way back in 2001. eBay allows a user to change their eBay ID, which is a simple process done through your eBay “My Account” section.

When I first registered with eBay I had my original username which I used until recently. I changed this just over 3 months ago to ALife4Sale, for this auction, and will probably change it back after all this is over.

I did consider setting up a new eBay account for this auction, but as I have bought and sold on eBay for some time now, I have built up a good record of feedback, currently 100% positive.

I felt that using my current eBay account would be better than adding a new one, as people could then see that I have been on eBay for a while, and am well regarded as an honest and fair trader. I hope that this helps to establish the credibility of the sale.


The Bulletin Board has been pretty quiet now for a while, but in the early days, when I first launched the website, there was a lot of activity there. Some of it makes very interesting reading.

Alot of it is very positive and encouraging, some of it is skeptical, which I always expected, and am happy to answer, and a very small portion accuses me directly of being a liar and a fake!

One of my main Bulletin Board (Update 2019 – Bulletin Board no longer exists) detractor was “eddiesloper”. eddie accused me of scamming the media, and directly called me a hoaxer and a fraud. eddie suggested that this would never get to auction, and that he/she would eat his/her hat if it did.

See the following articles:-

  • Ian is a fraud and a hoaxer, AP got stung!
  • The power of the internet to fool believers
  • Tricky interview question – how much do you expect to get?
  • Is Ian gaming the media?

and many more… (eddie was quite busy for a while there!)

and finally this one:-
Will eddiesloper take the deer-stalker challenge?

Well, hat-eating time is almost here, eddie. Haven’t heard from you for a while!

Join in on the Bulletin Board if you like, pick whatever username you fancy, and have your say. I try to respond as often as I can to the posts there.


I did my first pre-auction TV interview this morning with Australian TV station Channel 7, for their early evening current affairs programme Today Tonight. The piece they filmed is scheduled for transmission on Friday evening, and I am pretty sure the piece will appear on their website too, which can be found here:-
Depending on which parts of the interview they use, there are a couple of interesting new bits of info… hmm, intriguing!

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Anonymous - June 23, 2008 Reply

I never called you a liar or a fraud. I was just thinking there was more to your story than meets the eye. Yes, the auction has started, and yes the bids are now over 600,000 but let’s see the final winner’s face online someday and see that the money has actually been transferred to you. THEN i will eat my hat…..surely! Maybe Ebay auctions end with them being cancelled after the supposed bidders, ahem, cancel their bids after it is all over. they have the right to do that. So let’s see final denoument. All is fun good sir, we love you, really.


Ian Usher - aLife4Sale - June 25, 2008 Reply

You called me a fraud and a hoaxer directly in the Bulletin Board thread which you originally called “Ian is a fraud and a hoaxer, AP got stung”. That’s pretty direct.
That thread, for anyone interested, can be seen at:It’s interesting that the thread name has now changed to “All’s well that ends well (Eddie was a plant), but you can all see the original title in any of the replies.
My understanding of how the Bulletin Board works is that only the author of the thread can change it’s title – and that’s you eddie!

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