5 days to go!! Oh dear, here we go again…

I have enjoyed the past three months, and the slow build up to the start of the auction. At times it has all seemed very far away, and that crazy couple of weeks back in March when things went a bit mad has at times seemed like it was all just a dream.

But today I have just started to get an idea of how things might turn out over the next couple of weeks.

This morning I got an email from eBay in the UK wanting to know if I could do an interview this evening with a big national newspaper in the UK. I have just got off the phone with them now.

Next an Australian TV company called, they will be turning up with their cameras first thing in the morning to film for an early evening current affairs programme which is broadcast nationally.

After their call I took one from Reuters, who wanted photos and a story to distribute worldwide.

At the moment Thursday is free in my diary, but I suspect not for long, and then on Friday a Japanese TV crew turns up to film some material before and during the start of the auction.

I reckon my phone is going to be busy again for the next couple of weeks!! I’m looking forward to it….. I think!!

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