32 days to go!! A couple of interesting blogs.

According to Technorati, a website which monitors blogs and blog connections, to date ALife4Sale.com has now been mentioned in 428 different blogs!!

Here are a just a few of the more unusual ones that I found (update 2019 – links removed as most have disappeared over time).

  • The Ian Usher Saga!
  • A Japanese to English (or vice versa) translation.
  • What would happen if you did the same thing?
  • I have no idea what this one says!

Nor do I have any idea what this is about, but the title “Million Dollar Home Page” is encouraging!

Technorati is an interesting resource, and quickly discovers mentions contained in blogs of anything you may be interested in:

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Stefan Waidele - June 27, 2008 Reply

–8<-- Translation of my article ------
When compared to the “Million Dollar Homepage”, “One Red Paperclip” already had a quite personal touch to it. But now it gets even “closer”:

[describtion of your project]

SO, whoever wants to move to Australia: This is the complete package for emigrants 🙂

The bad thing about all this: One idea less to get rich on the internet
–8<---------------------------------- The comments were that in contrast to the the other two projects, you were offering some real value in return.

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