33 days to go!! Unexpected parcel in the mail.

I did a blog a few days ago about a new movie called “House of Usher”.

Since I started this blog at Auction-Day Minus 100, I have had many messages and comments about the many things I have written about, but this is an amazing first!

Coming home from work tonight, I found a large envelope in my mailbox, and inside was a book, a DVD and a card.

The book is a collection of Edgar Allan Poe’s novels including “The Fall Of The House Of Usher” and the DVD is the original 1960 version of the same story, starring Vincent Price. Read more about it at IMDB by clicking here.

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The card simply said: “Ian, good luck on your new adventures.”.

It is a great present and I feel amazed and bemused that someone went to all this effort just for me. However, I also feel a bit bad that I will have to leave it behind when the time comes to leave the house. However, that is the nature of this adventure. So, a new DVD and a new book have been added to the auction and, like the citizenship koala, Paula’s house warming picture or my 100th skydive certificate, everything that is in the house, whether simply functional, such as the pots and pans, or close to my heart, such as the items pictured below, it all stays. However, I will certainly take with me the fond memory of this.

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So, whoever you are, I’m sure you’ll be reading this blog. Many thanks for your thoughtful present, and thanks for the memory. It is very much appreciated.

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