34 days to go!! Spa mirror issue resolved.

It’s my day off work today. The shop I work in, being a retail outlet, is open six days a week, but staff there only work five days. So one week I work Monday to Friday, and the next I work Tuesday to Saturday. This means that every other weekend I get three days off, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Having the Monday off means I can get loads of stuff done when all the stores are open, so today will be a busy day, and I am up early, and am doing my blog early too, to free up the rest of the day for life’s normal chores. A couple of my jobs are up in Freo, and already the weather is looking good, so I imagine the motorbike will be coming out later this morning.

Friends Scott and Janine are leaving today, and are continuing their travels northwards, up the west coast of Australia. They plan a couple of stops on the west coast, and are very excited about going to Exmouth, and seeing Ningaloo Reef. Thet are going at the best time of the year, as it is right in the middle of whale shark season.

I went years ago, and took a trip out past the reef on a boat, where you can snorkel with these gentle, plankton-eating giants – it was an absolutely amazing experience. The pix below are not of me – the one I saw was smaller than this, but this gives you an idea of the amazing size these creatures grow to.

click to see larger picture   click to see larger picture

From there they plan to travel across the tropical top end of Australia, through some of the national parks up there that are spectacular. They plan to stop off in Broome, and perhaps work there for a while, and then head on for Darwin. I have seen very little of Australia’s “top end”, and would love to do so in future.

As a final legacy, Scott quickly and easily solved my dining room/spa mirror issues, with a simple solution. I had hoped to have the mirror positioned so that someone sat on the wrong side of the spa to view the big screen would be able to see a reflection of it in the mirror. However, when I hung the mirror, I could not get the angle right. See blog 41 days to go!!

When I explained the problem to Scott, he just said, “Hang pictures there and there, when you use the spa, swap the mirror with that picture, easy!”

click to see larger picture   click to see larger picture

The solution works perfectly, the problem just needed a fresh pair of eyes to see the answer. Thanks Scott.

Good luck on your travels, both of you. It’s been great having you here.

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