Two more goals – close but not quite!

Yesterday I did two things quite similar to goals on my list, but not quite close enough to tick them off.

I saw Mont Blanc – goal is to see Everest. Not quite – although it was still a magnificent sight.

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And I went on a luge ride – goal is to do a bobsleigh run! Not quite – there were kids of about six doing the luge ride too! It was still great fun though.

I am progressing fairly well with my French too, although am still a long way from being able to join in a conversation, often only having a vague idea of what the people around me are talking about!

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USA Family of 7 - August 21, 2008 Reply

When you come to Colorado to do the 7 peaks in 7 days, you could do the luge again at Winter Park, Colorado. I took my family there this summer, and they all had a blast. This is what it says

“Colorado’s Longest Alpine Slide

Thrill seekers of all ages love Colorado’s longest Alpine Slide at Winter Park Resort. New this season, guests will climb into brand new, state of the art, alpine sleds equipped with runners and hand-held brakes before speeding their way down 3,030 feet of dips and swooping turns. The parallel tracks (one for slower riders and one for adrenaline junkies) are accessed from the Arrow chairlift.”

I love reading your blogs. It’s like a vacation from the everyday stuff.

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