A goal achieved today!

Well, it’s been a while coming, but today I fnally achieved a goal that I have now been working on for a few months.

Back in early April I started to watch the first series of The Sopranos, a “modern day morality tale about New Jersey mob boss Tony Soprano, as he deals with personal and professional issues in his home and business life.” (www.IMDB.com)

My goal was to see all six series before I left the house. See the blog entry from when I started my New Jersey journey:
Blog: ALife4Sale – 76 days to go!
Blog: ALife4Sale – 63 days to go!

Well, this evening I have just finished the last episode. Goal achieved! But I am now a bit worried, as I have three weeks left here, and no more Sopranos left. I feel like I have lost some old friends. Or had them “eliminated” from my life.

“Ah, what are ya gonna do?”

It’s satisfying to complete a goal, but I guess you need something beyond that too, to aim for. I am hoping that over the next two yeras I can add plenty more goals to my list as I tick off my hundred, or I really will be at a loss at the end of it all.

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Barbara - July 10, 2008 Reply

As American expats living in Italy we missed the Sopranos but are now catching up….the last 2 episodes this weekend…and yes, it will be like losing some old friends!

Yvette - July 11, 2008 Reply

So true! Every time you complete a major goal, beside the great feeling of accomplishment, you’re also left with a feeling of “Now what?” As much as we think we want to finish our “lists”, it’s the anticipation of the next adventure or goal that keeps us energized. Congrats on finishing the Sopranos! I’m sure you’ll find other things to do in the three weeks left before you start your travels!

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