Goal 59 – ten out of ten!

From Las Vegas I spent a long hot day on Saturday driving down to Los Angeles, where I turned up at my friend Evan’s house, in a lovely location right by the beach, about 50 miles north of the city.

I first “met” Evan when he helped out with some of the online publicity for ALife4Sale, and then met him in person last year when I came to LA in November, when I achieved Goal #17 – skydiving in a wind tunnel.

Evan was away for the weekend, but had left me the keys for his apartment and car, and a note asking if I could pick him up at LAX airport at 10pm the next evening. So on Sunday afternoon I went to meet another internet contact, Chris, and his mate Nick, in The Corner Office sports bar in Costa Mesa. I managed to gain a slightly better understanding of American football, but am still somewhat confused by all the plays.

After the game, we arranged to meet the following weekend again if we didn’t manage to catch up during the week, and I made my way to the airport, where I was pleased to see Evan again.

On Monday I borrowed Evan’s car once more, and went to meet Andrew, who had just flown in from Australia. Andrew had joined me on my trip to Israelite Bay earlier in the year, and had planned to join me in Las Vegas, but unfortunately had not been able to make it.

We wandered around Hollywood Boulevard, and took a drive out to the coast at Santa Monica, and up Highway 1 to Malibu, where we watched the sunset over a huge field of commemorative flags at Pepperdine University.

That evening we met up with Eric, who I have spoken to several times on the telephone, and was looking forward to meet. Eric chose Dukes Restaurant right on the water’s edge at Malibu as our rendezvous, where we had a great Hawaiian chicken meal.

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Eric is a TV producer, and I had had an amusing conversation when I spoke to him the first time, right at the very end of the ALife4Sale auction, about three or four minutes before the auction closed. At the time of the conversation there were three different TV crews in my living room, a news helicopter flying overhead looking for a place to land, and a live uStream internet video feed from my house. When I think back about that time it all seems so long ago now.

Eric is actually the tenth person on the the list of people that I wanted to meet in person, who I had come across during the course of selling my life. After I finished ALife4Sale, and wrote out my list of 100 goals, I decided that I would like to meet some of these people who had contacted me to offer support, or ideas, or encouragement during that process.

There were about twenty people on that list, and I have now met ten of them. In actual fact, I must have met at least fifty people, maybe more, who knew of me and contacted me because of ALife4Sale, or 100goals, so the goal has been well-and-truly achieved!

Ten people I wanted to meet

The ten people that I have met that were on my original “to meet up with” list, are as follows:

Misty wrote to me to tell me she was doing a painting inspired my my life for sale idea, and I got to meet her, and see the picture, in Las Vegas in November 2008

Evan White helped me a lot with PR for ALife4Sale, and we became good friends. We met and went to Perris Skydiving in California, where Evan did a tandem jump, and I tried out the wind tunnel. EvanWhitePR

Yvette writes a couple of blogs herself, and made a few comments on my ALife4Sale blogs. She also was trying to achieve a new adventure each month in 2008. Her idea was that one of her adventures might be to try to meet me, and we went for an evening out in Los Angeles when we discovered we were both there in November 2008.

Evan introduced me to Brandon when several people were asking about movie rights early on during the development of media interest in the ALife4Sale story. I finally met Brandon in person when we went for lunch in Beverley Hills.

John email me to tell me that he was using my idea as inspiration for his own life-sale, and offered his home and lifestyle living and working as an artist by the beach on his website artistlifeforsale.com. I experienced the life that was in offer when I visited him in Santa Monica.

David was the winner of my video clips competition that I ran in the final days running up to the auction, and chose the book “1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die” as his prize. We kept in touch, and I met him and his family in Portland, Oregon as I passed through.

Moe had offered to take me dog sledding in the wilderness if I fancied a change of pace after selling my life, and that idea subsequently went onto the 100 Goals list, and became a wonderful reality when I flew up to Whitehorse in Canada for an amazing week.

Matthew was my dedicated eBay help representative for the whole of ALife4Sale, and we talked a lot during that time. We finally got to meet when I was in his hometown of Vancouver.

Richard Branson was quite an inspiration for my final decision to go ahead with ALife4Sale, and although I did not speak to him during those months, I did blog about him here, and finally got to meet him in London.

Eric seems to have a remarkable ability to call me just as something big is happening. He called during the final minutes of the auction, and then completely at random he called when I was in Australia, the evening before I was due to set off on the second part of my 100goals journey – great timing!

There are so many others that could have been on this list that I have met over the last 14 months, and I imagine many more wonderful people yet to meet before this adventure is all over. Thanks again to everyone who has offered help, support and encouragement on this amazing journey. It would never have been possible to have achieved so much without your kindness and generosity.

Top marks – ten out of ten to you all!

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David S - September 23, 2009 Reply

Hah! I didn't expect my name to come up at this stage of your travels. Well done on Goal 59: You had to cover quite a lot of ground to achieve this one!

The kids are buckling down for a new school year (Ian and Amy say "hi"), we've moved on to Mario Kart on the Wii, and my voiceover pursuits are moving along at a nice leisurely pace. All well here in Portland!

Yvette - September 24, 2009 Reply

Oh,Yay! I get to help you achieve a goal at last! I'm honored to be on your list of 10!

Matthew - September 25, 2009 Reply

It was my great pleasure and honour to have been part of your adventure so far. Your story is an inspiration to me and I have nothing but good things to say about you.

misty - September 27, 2009 Reply

Hey Ian! So glad to see you're moving right along in your adventures. I will bet when you started this thing you had NO IDEA it would turn into something so huge! Look at all you've done and all the people you've met all over this world… it's QUITE AN ACCOMPLISHMENT!
Your painting is hanging here in my house still. It truly is one of the best ones I've ever done… THANK YOU for letting your story get out so I had inspiration! People who see it always have something to say… and I get to share with them all the cool things you've done so far.
When you get settled… the offer still stands… LET ME KNOW so I can sent the painting to you. I'd love for you to have it, and hope you'd like to have it as well.
It was great meeting you! I peek in every now and again to see what you're doing. Travel safely and enjoy every minute!

John - October 10, 2009 Reply

Ian: Thanks for the mention on your blog. I would not have been able to come up with a good way of selling my life and moving on to other things if it hadn’t been for you. Thanks for coming by the other day It is always great visiting with you. Real good to see you and hear, in person, about your great adventure. It has inspired me to step out of my comfort zone when faced with opportunities I may not normally accept. As you said, you try to accept any invitation that comes along because that is part of the adventure. And whatever the invitation it usually leads to something else totally interesting and unexpected. – John

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