One year later…

Today is 14th March, and on this day last year my website went live on the internet. My friend Simon gave his press release to, among others, “The Northern Echo” newspaper, who are based in my old home town of Darlington in the north-east of England.

The Echo ran the first article about my website, and my plan to put my life up for auction, and started the ball rolling on what would for me be a completely life-changing year. You can see that original article here (click the image below for a larger version):

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I knew I wouldn’t get a chance to do so today, so while I had time through the day yesterday I took a few hours just to recap the past year, and the amazing and exciting direction that my life has taken.

I had a look through some of the thousands of comments in the Alife4Sale guestbook, and read quite a lot of the blog too. There was quite a lot of stuff there that I had forgotten about. I also took a look through the bulletin boards, where my old adversary “eddiesloper” has been very busy since I last visited.

Eddie’s disparaging comments now seem quite amusing, considering that I have set off on the most incredible adventure, and have now sold my house and most of my belongings. Admittedly not quite in the fashion I originally intended, but as best as I could under the circumstances.

There is so much info there, but it all seems so long ago now, and has an air of unreality about it too, as I have fitted so much in between then and now.

I then took a look back through the 100 goals blogs and photos and videos from the past seven months, and am still amazed at how much I have done, and what I have seen and experienced.

It really has been the most incredible year, but none of it would have happened if it wasn’t for the huge amount of interest that people have shown in what I was doing. I am still overwhelmed and amazed by this, but incredibly grateful too.

I am also eternally grateful to all who offered and gave help throughout the past year, whether in preparing the website, offering support and encouragement for what I was doing, or inviting me to come and visit when I started travelling.

I have met some wonderful people on my travels, and it is largely thanks to them that I have enjoyed such wonderful experiences.

Thank you all so much. What a year!

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David S - March 14, 2009 Reply

An incredible year, for sure! (Has it really been only 12 months?) You continue to inspire our family as well. We’ve been quite busy here since you visited, as we’ve been inspired to action as well.

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