Auction ends in 1 day!! 24 hours to go!!

Exactly 24 hours to go!! It looks like I am going to have a busy day ahead, and really have nothing further to add. It’s time now to just wait and see what happens.

So I will post something that really has nothing to do with the auction, but is something I would like to support, because I know this guy has the determination to make things happen. My friend Chris, who I met when working in the SuperPit goldmine in Kalgoorlie gave me this letter, and if anyone can offer any thoughts or ideas, he would love to hear from you. Over to you, Chris:-

June 20, 2008
Dear Ian,

G’day mate, how are things for you at the moment? It must be an exciting time for you with the auction starting.

Why I am writing this to you is to ask for your assistance. I have started work on a project which is to create a backpackers in South America, the profits of which support the local community through education, employment, training, increased local economy and environmental awareness.

Why I have formulated this project and feel passionately about it is because while I was in South America two years ago I saw something that moved me and has had a profound impact on my life ever since.

I was standing at a bus stop waiting for my bus to come along. There was a middle aged man and his son of about 3 or 4 years going through bags of rubbish that were awaiting collection, hoping to find something of value. The man went about it like a man doing what he had to do for his family and the young child went about it like he was doing his best so that his dad would be proud of him. Bent over knee deep in garbage the young boy pulls out a piece of mangled rubbish. He tugs on his dad’s shirt and holds it out asking if it is of value. His dad shakes his head no and they continue on. The child then finds a pencil and piece of paper and sits down in the rubbish and starts drawing. It was at that moment that I was so deeply touched and moved. I asked myself why must this child, any child, have to go through dirty rubbish simply to survive.

The creation of this backpackers will help children on the street and from poor families by providing money for education, shelter, food and clothing. It will offer them the opportunity to live to their true potential. It will create employment. It will take unskilled people and train them in all areas of the business to improve future employment opportunities. It will increase local economy through increased tourism. It will raise environmental awareness by being eco friendly.

What I ask of you Ian is for you to post this on your website as I see it as a good opportunity to gain ideas, knowledge and inspiration. I want anyone who reads this and feels inspired to help to do so in whatever way they may. Has someone seen an area in South America where this would be of greatest benefit. Would anyone like to fundraise. How do we make this backpackers as eco friendly as possible. Has anyone ever had an idea that they think would be able to help out. How can you assist?

This project is amazing on so many levels which is why I don’t want to limit it by trying to do it all by myself. I don’t know how to fill in all the blanks which is why I put it out there. I want it to take on a life of it’s own and to be all that it can be.

One of the greatest points about creating this backpackers is that once set up it will in effect be a self funding charity. It will also enrich the traveling experience of those who stay there by giving backpackers the opportunity to assist by donating their time, money and gifts.

Ian, I know that you have been an inspiration to many people and I hope that this letter may do the same. I thank you, and anyone who reads this, for your time.

See you at the auction finally,


Chris can be contacted at:

Good luck Chris.

Link to the auction:-

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Anonymous - June 29, 2008 Reply

Hi Ian,
I wish you all the best for the futur, well done…….good luck and enjoy travelling as much as I do…


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