Auction ends in 2 days!! Daily Auction Diary on the eBay listing.

I had a very early start again this morning, up at 4am and on my way to the Channel 9 studio for the third time this week. I was last there on Wednesday morning, and there really wasn’t much to update, as nothing new has really happened. So I had a chat last night with the producer, and suggested that maybe we could talk about the copycat listings appearing, or the property listings on eBay which are now using the “ALife4Sale” term in their description.

I really don’t mind this, and as I said on the show, they say that immitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so I am quite flattered! One of my favourites is the guy in the UK who has listed his life, living in a cardboard box on the streets of Exeter, for sale. His name is Simon “Parky” Kaye, and he has a great sense of humour. Any money he makes from his sale is going to UK homeless charity “Shelter”, and I was pleased to be the first to make a bid for Parky’s life.

I have since been outbid, but may have another go, as it still looks like a bargain at US$2.25, as I write this.

So Parky’s auction also got a mention on the “Today” show this morning.

I will also post a copy of it on my YouTube account if I can get hold of one, it should appear on YouTube here:

I haven’t got a video copy of this show, but there was a great feature on my auction a couple of days ago on web TV show This morning Scott Baker, one of the presenters contacted me, and we did an interview by web cam, which was great fun. I am really looking forward to seeing what they make from it.

There is a day by day account of the auction, and the chaotic life I am living throughout this week on the auction listing itself. Go to the listing, then scroll down past all the description to the bottom, where there a few additions, sort of like a daily diary.

A couple of other quick point with regard to the auction listing:

1). Any questions? Please try the FAQ page first, there are a lot of answers there to many of the questions people are asking.

2). There are even more answers to regularly asked questions at the bottom of the auction listing, scroll right down and please read them before asking anything, it may already have been answered.

3). Although I really appreciate all the messages wishing me well, the eBay questions section is not the right place to offer them, and makes it much harder to answer the important questions about the auction. Any general comments and messages can be put on the GuestBook, or if you feel you need to, you can use the Contact Me page.

4). Only registered bidders are able to bid. If you are thinking of making a bid, consider the following:
– if you simply want to watch the auction you do not need to register
– it is a single auction – nothing is being sold separately
– check the current price – are you wanting to bid above that? (don’t bother registering if not)
– consider your visa situation – do you have an Australian Residency Visa? (don’t bother registering if not)
– or do you have you the right to invest in Australia? (this is controlled by the Foreign Investment Review Board, see the FAQ page) (don’t bother registering if not)
– consider your own financial situation – are you able to settle immediately? (don’t bother registering if not)

5). Finally – A Warning! If the final bid proves to be a fake bidder, I will have no hesitation in releasing all the details I have about you to the world’s media! They will find you!

If you want to register to bid, don’t leave it to the last moment!

Good luck to all. Ian

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