AUCTION ENDED!! Thanks to all.

Well, it’s finished, and I’m now ready to move on! The price was a bit lower perhaps than I expected, but this has all been about making a clean break and moving on, so that’s what I intend to do.

I would like to say many thanks to all who have helped out with the preparation and organisation of the auction, the website maintenance, the publicity, and all the stuff that has gone on behind the scenes. It has been a lot harder than I ever imagined it might be, but a lot more interest has been shown the world over than I ever expected, or even imagined in my wildest dreams. Biggest thanks of all to my brilliant web designer, who did all of this in spare time, working around a full-time job and other committments. This wouldn’t have been half the fun it has been without your help, support and suggestions.

It has been an absolutely amazing and fun experience, and I have learned a lot, both about myself and about the world in general.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone out there who has taken an interest, and to all who have felt moved to email and offer support, advice, comments, and in many cases to share your own “blindsided” experriences. What an honour.

I now starting to making plans as to what I will do next, and I am very excited about them. Alot of my new ideas and goals come from comments and questions on the GuestBook and in the Bulletin Boards, so thanks again for giving me a new direction.

Many people have asked if I will be keeping a blog about what happens to me after this, and where I end up travelling to. Absolutely! I am very flattered that there are a few out there that are interested enough to ask. More to follow in tomorrows blog, when I get myself organised here….

Keep an eye on this blog over the next few days for updates on how the settlement is progressing, and when I expect to set off.

Once again, huge thanks to all of you. It’s been great fun! Best wishes to all.

Ian Usher

June 29th 2008

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Anonymous - June 30, 2008 Reply

Hi Ian
My husband an I are confused … at one time we heard that the offers were in excess of 2 million dollars. Curiously, what happened ?

BTW, I think your idea was GREAT ! You will now find a great new rebirth and enjoy many new things and people. Fabulous.

TimW8 - June 30, 2008 Reply

Congratulations on selling your life. I used to wonder what it would be like to start a whole new life from scratch. Now you get to do that. Reinvent yourself. I admire your courage. Good luck in your new life!

Anonymous - July 3, 2008 Reply

Another person seems to have followed/copied you:
American woman offers herself with house package
Thursday, July 3, 2008

An American woman auctioning her home is sweetening the deal by throwing in the chance to marry her for $870,000.

The 42-year-old single mum has been trying to offload her four-bedroom Florida home for about a year and decided to look for a bit of man love at the same time.

Deven Trabosh listed the home with a community pool and tennis court for $352,000 on a sell-it-yourself web site and then added $518,000 if the buyer decides to take her as well.

Trabosh is yet to receive any serious offers, but claims there have been about 500 responses – most of them positive.

Haley, her 21-year-old daughter, says she wants her mother to find love, but another daughter said her mum was embarrassing, according to a report in the UK’s Daily Telegraph

Hopefully Kochie will buy this investment package so we never have to see him on Sunrise again.

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