“What next?” My new project…..

So, what next? Throughout the build-up to the auction, I have been asked many times what I think I will do next, and where I think I might end up. For a long time I didn’t really have an answer, just a vague notion of some new adventure. But as time passed and the auction approached I started to form some ideas.

I have been asked a few times if I have a list of goals, or things I want to achieve, and this has set me thinking over the last few months about what I really want from life, and what I would like to do.

I have always had goals, and lists of things I have always wanted to do, and a few years ago I sat down and wrote a list of 100 goals – things that I would like to achieve in my lifetime.

I had a look for that list, but could not find it. So I started to write another. I realised that I had actually achieved a couple of things off my original list of 100, but not many!

During this process I realised what I wanted to do next – I wanted to start ticking some things off this list. I have always believed that life is all about adventure and experience, not about being safe and secure, so it is perhaps time to challenge myself, and step right out of my comfort zone.

So this is the challenge I have set for myself… ACHIEVE 100 GOALS IN 100 WEEKS !!

Because so many people have expressed an interest in following what happens to me and where I end up going to, I started making a website. However, as the auction approached, I had less and less time to work on it, and it is still quite incomplete.

Please bear in mind that the site is quite a way from being complete yet, so some of the features are not working, but I hope to have it all up and running by the time I set off.

My new project will be something you too can follow, even assist with, and if you like take part in if you wish. At the moment I am ten goals short of my complete list of 100, so I am looking for any suggestions as to what I might add to the list.

Once again, thanks to all who have offered support and encouragement throughout the ALife4Sale process, and to those who have expressed an interest in knowing what happens next. I am very flattered. Thank you.

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