93 days to go!! Crazy days!

Hi there,

Well, things have been a bit crazy over the last couple of days, to say the least. I am absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of interest this has caused. I never imagined any of this, even in my wildest dreams.

I thought I might be lucky to get a few lines in the local rag where I used to live in England, a few paragraphs in the paper here, and if things went very well, an interview on the local radio station. I had planned to spend some time trying to get the word out on the internet, perhaps with a FaceBook page and a MySpace page, and a few emails being forwarded by friends, but I have not had time for any of this.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who has sent me messages, either via the contact page, or on the guestbook. There are so many, and I would love to respond to them all, and feel bad that I can’t, so for now the best I can offer is a BIG BIG thank you to you all here. Thank you.

I also apologise to anyone that has had problems with the website. I know there have been a few issues for Firefox users, and I believe the site was down for a while today due to a big traffic surge. Please be patient, I am just a one-man-band, with one very capable web designer, but between us we can only do so much. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

These last two days have been a whirlwind of interviews, TV crews, phone calls and missed messages. But I am thoroughly enjoying it, although am very tired now. I have been running mainly on coffee, adrenalin and nervous energy. Time to turn the phone off and get an early night. I am ready to drop.

Here are a couple of pics that I took with my phone, hence the poor quality, that captured my attention out of all the amazing stuff that has happened recently.

This first one was on a visit to Channel 7 to do a TV interview, it was so quiet and peaceful by the gates, where the kangaroos lay in the shade – how Australian!! The second one was from about an hour ago, when a Japanese TV crew filmed an interview with a TV documentary maker, who was filming them!! In my front room!! Camera shoot out!!

click to see larger picture click to see larger picture

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lia - March 21, 2008 Reply

you’re going to be a legend.. or you probably already are a legend.
regards from jakarta, indonesia!maybe one day u’ll end up in this country.. bali is number one option:)to live.
i will bid for your life on ebay.. good luck for me and good luck for you!

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