92 days to go!! A much more normal day, at last…

Thank goodness for the Easter weekend. Things have calmed down a bit today, with the phone only ringing once every now and then. It has been a relief to actually do some normal things for a change. I managed to get some laundry done, although did have to do a radio interview halfway through hanging it out!!

It has been such a mad whirl, and I still don’t quite know what to make of it all. I am enjoying it as it happens, but at times it all seems a bit surreal. I have thought a couple of times, this must be a dream, then think, no, it’s really happening!

Later this afternoon my friend Chris rang. I met him while working in the SuperPit gold mine in Kalgoorlie, and I found out that he was with another of the old bunch, who it turns out only lives five minutes down the road. I jumped on the bike and sped off there with a six pack of beer in the backpack.

When I got there two more of the old Kalgoorlie crew were there. It was so good to see them, and we laughed and drank beer, and sat outside until the sun set. It was nice just to do something normal with a group of friends, after the crazy week I have had.

When the time came to leave, we went outside, and one of the guys asked, “Where did you park the bike?” It was gone!! Bloody hell, I thought, not again, as I have had the same thing happen once before in the UK.

I was slightly suspicious, and hopefully said, “Come on Craig, where have you put it?” but he was very convincing that he had not moved it. He tried ringing the police, and as he did so, I thought, well, there’s tonight’s subject for the blog!

After a couple of minutes, the guys relented, and showed me where they had hidden it, round the corner. Haha, very funny. Good to see you all again guys!

I am looking forward to a relaxed weekend, and you can be sure that if I go anywhere on the bike I will be locking it up this time!!

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