91 days to go!! Nice day in Freo…

I tried to answer a few emails this morning, but it was such a glorious day outside that I jumped on the motorbike and headed up Fremantle, or Freo as it is known to locals here. There I met up with Melanie, Mike and their kids. This weekend Freo is holding the annual Fremantle Street Arts Festival.

The whole main street through the centre of Freo is closed to traffic, and there are about five or six stage areas where buskers and street entertainers perform in front of huge crowds. There were some amazing and amusing acts, my favourite being the last act we saw down by the harbour, which was a married couple that did some incredible acrobatic balancing feats. They also did some excellent juggling with clubs, and their obvious enjoyment in performing together was quite infectious.

In the afternoon we went upstairs in The Sail and Anchor pub, and watched a couple of acts from the balcony, which had the double advantages of a great view, and beer on tap too.

For me one of the most amazing things of the day occurred while watching one of the acts. I was tapped politely on the shoulder, and asked,

“Excuse me, are you the guy selling his life on eBay?”

“I am,” I replied, quite taken aback.

“Can I get a photograph with you?”

His friends took pictures of us with arms round each others shoulders, and we shook hands. I was too surprised to think of getting my own camera out, and getting a photo taken, but in hindsight wish I had. If that was you and you happen to read this I would love to get a copy of it – would be good if you could contact me please.

After a fish and chips dinner in Freo I called in to see Marty and Baxter. A quick note regarding Baxter, as I have had a few questions about him – he makes an appearance in one of the videos in the Video page.

A lot of people have assumed that he is my dog, and have also assumed that I may be including him as part of the package. Neither of these is the case – Baxter belongs to Marty, and I imagine I will remain friends with them both for years to come… well, in Baxter’s case, as least as long as he can keep plodding on – he’s pretty old now.

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