83 days to go!! Some photos…

I am pleased to say that things have pretty much returned to normal after the initial excitement of the media whirlwind, and life is becoming a bit quieter again, although the house is a bit fuller at the moment. I have had a couple of friends, Darryl and Jane move in for a while. They have moved over to Perth from the east coast, and are both heading up north to the mines shortly to work as geologists.

We have been doing a bit of barbequeing, a bit of lounging around in the spa, and a bit of game playing on the big screen.

Here are a couple of pictures from the last couple of days, in no particular order.

1). Sunset from the front garden on 28/03/08
2). Parrots in the front garden

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3). The “Alfred Chicken” PlayStation Challenge
4). Pizza in the spa:-

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(The pizza delivery system is great. You can order the pizza to be delivered, put a notice on the front door to direct the delivery person around the side of the house, have the money ready while you are in the spa (Australian money is waterproof, of course!), and have the pizzas delivered directly to the spa, where the body board acts as a floating table. That’s lifestyle!!)

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Dave - March 30, 2008 Reply

Great pictures ! I envy you !

Linda - March 30, 2008 Reply

Glad things are calming down for you.

I’ve posted a comment here before but it never went through. I’ve had an experience where I’ve done something similar to what you’re doing. It’s very empowering. You won’t regret it!

Anonymous - April 5, 2008 Reply

Haha, pizza off a boogie board in the spa, awesome!

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