84 days to go!! One skeptic may have been swayed

A friend sent me a link to a site called 23/6, a comedy-current-affairs-comments-type website, run by a guy called Duncan Quirk. I liked his tag-line “Some of the news, most of the time”.

Duncan wrote a piece on my upcoming auction, and tagged it as internet fraud/internet scam, hence it being passed on to me by my concerned friend. I understand people’s skepticism, I mean I would be one of the first to say, “Hold on, wait a minute,” if I had come across this.

However, what was apparent from Duncan’s piece was that he had read a news article somewhere, but had not bothered to visit my site. He did bring up one question though that I have been asked a few times now with regards to mortgages and debts. I believe this arises out of the differences in the way mortgages work in the US, with a new purchaser often taking over the payments of a previous owner.

I have addressed this issue in the “FAQ” section of my website, and felt that I should answer Duncan’s points, suggest he visit my website, and perhaps prepare to eat his big red hat when he is proved wrong.

To his credit Duncan did go and take a look at my site, and in his response to my comments, said that he now felt that that it may well be genuine. In lieu of the hat, he has offered to eat a Vegemite sandwich, which would be suitable. Good on ya, Duncan.

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