Happy New Year.

As midnight approaches on the last day of 2010, I am enjoying a few beers on the beach at Evan’s new home on the coast just north of Los Angeles.

It has been a fun year, filled with fun, excitement and surprises. As my year began in January, alone at my brother’s house in London, I had no idea how the end of the 100goals100weeks journey would play out, and where life might take me afterwards.

The first six months of the year took me to Africa, South America, back to Africa again, then on to Australia for a month or so. From there I headed to Nepal, India, England, Jamaica, Costa Rica, and ended my journey in America, finally visiting the crown of the Statue of Liberty on 4th July.

The last two months of my journey provided a very welcome surprise, when I met up again with Moe, who had originally invited me to go dog-sledding in Whitehorse in Canada. A new and exciting relationship flourished, and we decided that I should head back to Whitehorse as soon as my journey ended.

Things went very well for us, and we spent a happy six months together. I have had to leave for a while, as there are a couple of weddings I want to attend, but we plan to meet up again towards the end of March.

I am currently enjoying New Years Eve in LA with my friend Evan, and I fly to New Zealand in a day or two.

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I think this is going to be pretty much the end of my blogs about travels for now. I have some new ideas for 2011, and plan to change the focus of the blog a little. Keep an eye on this space for new developments in the new year, particularly if you have ever thought about writing a book.

For now though, I hope you too have had a wonderful 2010, and wish you all the success you hope for with your own goals in 2011.

Best wishes,

Friday December 31st 2010

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