A publisher’s journey – Part 1

Happy New Year, welcome to 2011. I hope you all had a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year. I wonder how many of you have been working on your New Year Resolutions. I am not really one for making resolutions, and have never had a great track record of sticking to them.

However, as a goal-oriented person, I have been working on a few new goals for this year. And because of this I feel that the direction of my blog is going to change a little. I hope my new journey is one that you may be interested in following.

Once again, for me, it is a step into the unknown, but as I have always said, that is where life begins to be exciting!

More details to follow in Part 2 of this blog…

In the meantime, for anyone just joining me at this point in my journey, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ian Usher, and here is a quick overview of my recent history, which leads me on to the next adventure, to be outlined in the next couple of blogs.

I began my blogging “career” in March 2008, when I announced that I was going to sell my whole life on eBay. This attracted a huge amount of international publicity, and resulted in quite a wild ride.

I was asked many times in interviews in the run-up to the auction what I wanted to do when I sold my life. I wondered the same thing myself, and eventually started jotting down some ideas. This ultimately grew into a list of 100 goals, and I set myself the challenge of achieving them in 100 weeks.

In August 2008 I set off on an amazing two-year journey, travelling three times around the world, doing all the things I ever wanted to do.

My journey ended in July 2010, and the final outcome was a very pleasant surprise. I ended up in Whitehorse in the north of Canada, and spent four months writing a book about my incredible experiences. I called the book “A LIFE SOLD – What ever happened to that guy who sold his whole life on eBay?”

There is more detail about the book, and the background to the story on my current website, www.IanUsher.com.

The answer appeared to be obvious – I needed to find out how to become a publisher!

The book is now published and available online.

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