Time Magazine year-end lists.

A few people have now sent me a link to Time Magazine’s lists of the year – “The Top Ten Of Everything 2008”. They have a “Top-Ten Oddball News Stories”, and I am amazed and proud to be on the list at number 10:

Time Top Ten Oddball News Stories: Your Money For My Life

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The whole top ten oddball news stories reads as follows:
1. The Pregnant Man
2. Night of the Corpse Skull Bong
3. Strange Things Afoot in Vancouver
4. Virgin Shark Mother
5. She Ain’t Heavy, She’s My Partially Absorbed Embryonic Twin
6. Second Life Divorce
7. Fish Pedicures
8. Breast Milk Ice Cream
9. Bigfoot Lives! No, Really!
10. Your Money For My Life

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Skip - December 19, 2008 Reply

I disagree with Time magazine on this one. In fact I don’t find anything about your story to be oddball at all.

I suppose it is good for publicity and stuff, but I find your story simply inspiring. I’ve followed this from the beginning, and It always gives me hope to have seen you pursue your dreams.

David S - December 19, 2008 Reply

I agree with Skip to a point, but Time was definitely right to put you on a Top 10 list! “Top 10 Human Interest Stories” would be more accurate. But your response, “amazed and proud,” shows again why you are succeeding with your goals: You look for the positive in every experience. You are, as always, an inspiration indeed!

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