RV sorted out.

I went into the city again yesterday to take a look at some of the parts I had not seen yet. Millenium Park, between the city and the lake shore really is a lovely place, and the Cloud Gate, or the Bean as locals call it, is quite stunning. There is also a great outdoor amphitheatre which hosts all sorts of concerts in the summer. It’s a bit cold now though as winter approaches, so there is nothing on there at the moment.

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At last, things finally seem to be coming together a bit here in Chicago, as Diane drove me out to look at an RV, and I put a deposit on it yesterday afternoon. I went back today to pay the rest of the money and collect the keys, and am now ready to set off on the next part of the journey. Just have to register and insure it tomorrow, but research tells me that it shouldn’t be too much of an issue – fingers crossed! Hopefully it will serve me well on the way down south and across Route 66.

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