Planning nightmares…..

When I first came up with the idea for ALife4Sale, I thought it would be pretty easy. Put a website together, make a press release, do a bit of a blog, run the eBay sale, done! But as I often do, I had underestimated the amount of work involved. I also grossly underestimated the amount of worldwide interest that it would create, and the time that that would all involve too.

At work my phone never stopped, and eventually my boss told me to take a couple of weeks off to deal with the publicity, because I wasn’t getting too much work done while I was there!

And now that I have started this new venture, I think I may have made the same mistake in underestimating the effort and time that it will involve. Emails are already flooding in to the new website, and I haven’t yet dealt with all the emails from the end of the ALife4Sale project. The planning of the new project, and the logistics of it all, is a huge undertaking.

But it’s also very exciting, and I do love a challenge. Just to give you some sort of idea, here are a couple of pictures of the office area of my house at the moment, as I just get started on the outline plan of how I might make all of this come to life:-

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