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I think one of the most exciting things about this 100goals project is the opportunity to meet so many other people around the world, and to share the fun of making achievements with other like-minded individuals.

I really like the idea of others joining in with this in whatever way they feel like, whether it be joining me to do a bungee jump or celebrate at a festival, offering some sort of help or support, sharing some of their own goals and achievements, or helping me set a couple of my own goals.

At the moment I have a page called “Add 5”, where I explain that I have set myself 95 goals, and am open to suggestions for a further 5 goals to add to the list, to complete my 100.

And suggestions are flooding in, there are some great ideas there. I have listed a lot of the on the “Add 5” page, and am adding more daily as they come in.

My plan is to keep gathering suggestions until next Sunday, 13th July, then pick a list of 20 or so from those suggestions, and put it to the vote, allowing you to pick the final five to add to my list.

My next job is to get the Bulletin Board forums pages sorted out and opened up. In there you will be able to add your own lists of goals, ask for advice and information, offer each other help or support, share your success stories, and much more.

How exciting this is all turning out to be!

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