Bulletin Boards now open for business.

The Bulletin Boards are now ready to use. Mel, my web designer has worked long and hard today to get them ready, and my allotted task was to provide coffee as and when required, and do all the repetitive copy and paste work!

So you can now go to the Bulletin Board section, register using whatever username you like, and join in.

The first section details my list of 100 goals, split into a separate topic for each goal. Put anything you like in these. Have you already done this, and if so, what was it like? Can you offer any help or advice? Do you want to join in when I do this?

When it is all working properly, the last comment in each individual goal will appear at the bottom of that goal’s details section in the website, along with any website links, sponsor details and video clips. For an example, see:
Goal: Christ of the Deep.

The second section is for you to add your own lists of goals. It doesn’t have to be 100 different things, just as many as you want. Ask for comments and feedback on them from others, and see what other people are trying to achieve.

You can also suggest goals for other people. For example, do you live somewhere spectacular, have you done something amazing, or been somewhere that others should add to their list?

There is also a section here for telling your own stories of achievement. What was the most amazing thing you ever did? What are you most proud of achieving? What have you done that might inspire others? Share your stories here.

The third section is where you can help each other to achieve. It would be great if this could become a forum for global goal assistance. What do you need help or advice with? What can you offer? Do you want to volunteer to help with somebody else’s project? it is much easier to achieve if everybody helps each other.

The fourth section is where you can give details on helpful resources. What books have you read, fiction or non-fiction, that may inspire others. Inspirational poetry? Movies, DVDs and websites? Share your findings and sources of inspiration.

The final section is a general forum for anything else that does not fit into the other sections.

Take a look, see what you think, and join in and have fun. See you there.

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