Website updates, and a BIG “Thank You”.

Last night I finally found some time to sit down and make a proper start on getting the 100goals100weeks website knocked into some sort of shape. Assisted again by my brilliant web-designer Mel, we got some more of the functionality working, and put a lot more detail into some of the pages.

Mel worked on all sorts of behind the scenes issues and functionality, and there are a few new features that will help out.

First of all there is now the opportunity to subscribe to this blog, either by email, or by RSS feed, see the links at the top of the page. I am going to try to maintain a daily blog as I prepare for departure on my trip, and from then on will then try to update as often as possible.

Once again, I have been amazed and very flattered at the amount of email I am receiving, just in the first couple of days since beginning this project. I will try to get around to responding to them all in due course, but please bear with me, as I have been inundated. I am reading them all, and flagging messages left, right and centre to reply to. Thanks for your patience. Thanks to all for your “Add 5” suggestions, your hints and tips, and your general good wishes. And huge, HUGE thanks to all who have made such kind offers to assist with this whole crazy thing.

It is all very exciting, and a bit overwhelming, and at times I wonder what on earth I am doing. Maybe it would just be simpler to go back to work in the mines, and stay within my comfort zone? But I know I can’t do that, I would regret it forever. And I also know that when I do step out next month and make a start I will wonder what I was worried about, and will have the most amazing adventure.

Finally, I would like to make special mention of my good friend Evan White, over in LA. A lot of people have asked how the whole ALife4Sale project got so much publicity. I think in part the answer lies in the fact that the whole thing just seemed to resonate with people, many of whom have gone through similar life-experiences. But in the background Evan assisted with all sorts of web publicity. His area of expertise is in quirky web-based projects, and if you have got something unusual going on, I can’t think of a better person to ask for advice.

See you soon Evan, looking forward to that skydive buddy.

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