Only in Las Vegas!

Well, another interesting day here in the land of make-believe!

I have sort of become intrigued and slightly horrified by the US gun laws, but also have developed a sort of fatal attraction to the subtle lure of these amazing weapons! So when I came across an advert suggesting that a visit to a Vegas downtown store would enable the firing of a variety of fully automatic machineguns, I couldn’t resist. Oh dear!

So this afternoon I met up with Myles and Simon, and we went along to the appropriately named Gun Store, where I picked a package of three weapons to fire. “Good choice,” said the guy behind the counter, but I had the feeling he might have said that whatever weapons I had chosen – the prices were not cheap!

My three guns were an AK47 with 25 rounds, a 12-guage shotgun with 5 rounds, and an HK MP5 machinegun with 50 rounds – “The Gun Store Choice Package”!!

All were amazing to fire, but my favourite was the MP5. The instructor showed me the correct stance, which felt a bit weird at first, but meant that the gun did not rake upwards or to the right when firing longer bursts. He explained why, and it all made good sense.

Afterwards we went to Fremont Street, which is the older part of Las Vegas, but has had a bit of a revamp. We had a bite to eat, and played some cheap slots while being plied with copious quantities of free drinks. The overhead TV system, touted as the largest in the world, across the whole ceiling of the precinct was incredible, and has to be seen to be believed.

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More info at Fremont Street Experience.

Only in Las Vegas!

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Yvette - November 19, 2008 Reply

I assured my brother-in-law you weren’t an ax murderer, but now I see you’re well trained with firearms and most likely killed that poor poster boy! Yikes! 😉

David S - November 20, 2008 Reply

Your phrase “intrigued and slightly horrified” says all I need to know about you. Our family is a non-gun household (I believe that owning guns can create an environment of violence where there would have been none), but I have in the past enjoyed target shooting on a range. Let’s face it – it’s fun! But I believe as you travel more on the coasts of the US you will find more people like me who don’t own firearms. But there certainly is a grand tradition in this country from the Founding Father’s right-to-bear-arms, to the frontier West’s “sheriff justice.”

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