On the road (or tracks) again!

As I write this I am back on the road, or in this case, the tracks. I thought the journey from Nice to Barcelona would be pretty straightforward, but the cheapest flight I could find for today was over 350 Euros! The train fare was only 80 Euros, but involves a 12 hour journey, and three train changes.

The oddest part of the journey is having to change trains at the French/Spanish border, because the railway tracks are different guages! The whole of Europe apparently uses one size of track, Spain alone uses a different size!

So I have 12 hours to read my book, type a blog, stare out of the window at the passing European scenery, and listen to a couple of Spanish lessons.

As I have been in France for a couple of weeks I have listened to so much French, and tried to speak in French as much as possible. I think it will be difficult to stop using French words, and I hope listening to some Spanish lessons on this journey will help the transition process….

Lesson 1:-
“Dos cervecas, por favor, senor.”

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Yvette - August 24, 2008 Reply

Love your last line of this entry.

In fact, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying your whole blog. I love that you’ve been able to keep it up, complete with photos and movies.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this “bucket list” concept… I’ve done it myself with my “adventure a month” resolution for 2008. Someone asked me yesterday what the criteria was for making something an “adventure”. It kind of boiled down to a) doing something out of my comfort zone b) doing something I’d never done before and c) doing something I want to do. August is coming to an end fast, and though I’m still trying to come up with something that will satisfy all 3 of those criteria. Often a and c are in conflict. I don’t initially really want to do something out of my comfort zone (ie. sing kareoke) but doing it will help me face my fears… I’m tempted to drop the first criteria and just stick with b and c!

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