More Birdman photos and video.

My Worthing host and official Birdman helper/photographer Michelle got chatting to Sara, wife of the flying crocodile, and they were stood together taking photos of our “flights”. Thanks to Sara, who forwarded these fantastic pictures:-

click to see larger picture click to see larger picture
click to see larger picture click to see larger picture

And here are Worthing Town Council’s videos of the fun from both afternoons. (Note: Compared to many of the “flyers” who took amazing running leaps, my sedate launch from a standing start looks a bit timid, but have you ever tried running in flippers?):-

I am writing this now in bed at 6am at my host Val’s house in Colorado Springs! Yesterday was a very long day. It is quite disorienting to wake up in Worthing on the south coast of England, and go to bed in Colorado 22 hours later. From Worthing I drove Martin’s car back up to London, got the tube to Heathrow, flew to Denver, caught the shuttle bus to the long-term parking, then drove the RV south to Colorado Springs, arriving here at abot 10pm Colorado-time, the equivalent of 5am the next morning back in England. Trains, planes and automobiles!!

I think by the time I got to Val and Brenda’s house and met them, my meeting-new-people skills had just about at the end of their tether, and we only chatted for a short while before I made my excuses and headed for bed. I managed a good eight hours sleep though, and am going to try for a few more hours right now, to get firmly back onto US time again.

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