Job applications.

Today is the day that the short-listed 50 candidates for the Best Job in the World is announced. I put a lot of work into the video application I submitted, and thought I stood a good chance of perhaps being selected for the short-list.

This was my application:

Unfortunately when I checked this morning, I haven’t made it. I am a bit disappointed, obviously, but also feel that this now frees me up to return my full focus back to my list of 100 goals. Not that I haven’t still been getting on with these. I made my trip down to Israelite Bay last week, completing goal #37 This coming weekend I plan to get back to my skydive club and get back in the air, and I am considering booking some kite surf lessons either for this week or next, so progress is still being made.

Today is also the day I expected to be starting a new job in the mines, driving a dump truck. Unfortunately, that too failed to come to fruition, despite being sent for my medical examination, and passing with flying colours. Apparently the didn’t want me in the end because I haven’t driven a truck for over a year now.

Again, I am not too bothered – after all, they are only jobs, aren’t they? Maybe I am destined not to work again during my 100 weeks period?

And maybe that’s not such a bad thing really!

Good luck to all the 50 candidates for the Best Job!

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David S - March 3, 2009 Reply

I love your attitude! Reminds me of a friend I met on the road once who described himself as “gainfully unemployed.” 😉

Yvette - March 3, 2009 Reply

It’s hard to believe you didn’t get it! I’d heard there were over 34,000 applicants, so I guess the competition was a bit tough! But, I agree with David…your attitude is inspiring. You may not have the best “job” in the world, but you have the best life you could have — living out your dreams. Have faith the right job will follow.

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